Jonathan Bethony

Jonathan Bethony is the Head Baker and co-owner of SEYLOU. His professional training began at Michel Suas's San Francisco Baking Institute, where he was introduced to classical bread and pastry. Bakers and friends in the Bay Area such as Dave Miller, Josey Baker, Eduardo Morell, Chad Robertson, Craig Ponsford and Mike Zakowski  inspired his use of whole grains and helped to define his style.

Since then, he has been on a journey of experimental research. At Washington State University's Bread Lab, he worked with Dr. Stephen Jones to bring together the science of traditional plant breeding with the technique and artistry from his training in baking and previous career as a musician.

He has also collaborated with farm to table chefs such as Dan Barber (Blue Hill) and Marc Vetri (Vetri) in efforts to innovate fresh ideas with local grains. Inevitably, it is now time for an experimental bakery of his own!

Jessica Azeez

Jessica is married to Jonathan. She is the co-owner of SEYLOU. Her background is in Fashion, Waldorf Education and teaching Yoga. Over the years Jessica has accompanied Jonathan on his various baking expeditions and has served as his assistant at world class events. She worked alongside Jonathan at Blue Hill at Stone Barns last spring and has attended bread course seminars and trainings at the San Francisco Baking Institute. She brings her keen eye for design into the layout and execution of SEYLOU. She also will be bringing her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine into the various teas and treats that will be offered.

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